I got connected with Dylan Pearce this year through Social Media and others teens that fish with us. Dylan had been antsy to get me out to some of his favorite water for browns and rainbow trout. So finally it came time to go together. We explored this local watershed a couple times together and found success every time we went. Below are pictures and more about our tips.

The scenery amazes me on this small watershet. The fish were always a bit finicky when we went, but we always seemed to find a couple nice fish before the day ended. 

We found stripping small black leaches and larger sculpin patterns on a sinking line was the ticket for both browns and rainbows. The second time we went there were hoppers going off, so we threw hopper patterns and had some success as well. 

The best short story I’ve got from our trips to this body of water was the first time out together. Dylan had the summer off, so as soon as I was able to leave work we headed out. The whole afternoon I didn’t touch a fish. Dylan landed a couple on his spinning rod with Rapalas, but that was it. As it got dark I decided to try a larger fly in the last hole. Cast after cast, nothing. Then as I was stripping in and my fly scurried across the top of the water, I noticed something big showing its fin and coming after my fly! It got my heart bumping for sure, but it didn’t take. I casted again and did the same thing, this time it fell for the trick and grabbed a hold. I watched its huge mouth open up and bite down on my fly for dinner. It was so epic. I set the hook and it was on! The rainbows here fight so good on a 6wt rod. I ran up on down the channel till finally the fish gave up and let me bring him to hand. It was an epic fight that I will never forget!  

The second time out with Dylan I brought the watermaster raft. I built a platform for the front so one of us could row around and the other could stand on the front and cast out front. This worked extremely well for hopper fishing. 

I can't wait to get back to this amazing place! There aren't many places I go anymore and not see another angler for miles. This is one of them. Thanks for reading. God bless