I've always wanted to put on a trip for Hooked On Life, but lacked the help to do it. This year I've had some awesome dudes come a long side me to help, which made this trip happen. Watch the video and check out the pictures below of the trip. It was an amazing time and because of how awesome it was we plan to do a lot more of these in the future. 

We arrived at camp Friday afternoon. Time to put up tents and launch the drift boats! 

3 boats and 9 awesome dudes, antsy to catch some fish

Waiting for a bite. In aw of all the beautiful surroundings 

There wasn't a lack of hooking fish. Lots of fish hooked and a decent amount landed

The reel king fishers. Love watching all these amazing birds

What a beautiful weekend it was. The weather was perfect and so was the fellowship and fishing! Thanks for checking in guys. I appeciate the love and support. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming events and blog posts. 

With Love,

- TJ Orton