I've been hanging out with Tanner for over a year now. I kept promising to take him on a fishing and camping trip. Late summer is a good time to chase big browns and Brook trout in Central Oregon, so we finally made a plan and made the trip happen. 

I loaded up the 4runner and were off to explore for the weekend. Friday afternoon we arrived. We set up a quick tent and hammock, built a fire and the next morning we were ready to explore the area hoping to find some some brook trout. 

Central Oregon has some of the most beautiful areas in my opinion in the PNW. I couldn't count the number of Brook Trout we spotted hiding under logs along the stream. Getting them to bite was a different story, but once we figured out what fly they liked, we started catching them. Weightless small wooly buggers with some split shot to get them down was the game changer for us. We landed over a dozen fish on the day. 

I was kicking back enjoying a sandwhich when Tanner hooked into a hog. We weren't sure how big it was at first, but after jumping between logs and almost having to swim to net this big guy we finally got it to the net. One of the most beautiful brook trout i've ever seen. 

After an awesome day of fishing for brookies, we headed back to camp. We packed up and headed to another area in search of brown trout. When we arrived. It was already dark, so we quickly set up tents and enjoyed the night around a small fire and made dinner. The Milky Way was definitely poppin', so I spent some time taking a time lapse and a few pictures before bed. 

As the sun rose the next morning we were already up with filled bellies and off to search for some fish. I caught a nice rainbow trout to start the morning. We had a bunch of fish follow our flies, but wouldn't commit. Later in the day Tanner found his prize!

I was off in the distance taking pictures of Tanner when I saw him hook up. I ran down to see what he had. After a nice fight I scooped the fish in the net and we both were stoked. It was Tanners personal best brown trout ever and a total beauty!

We fished till about Noon Sunday and then headed back to home. What a wonderful weekend it was! Thanks for reading. Make sure to give this post a like and follow us on Instagram and Facebook

God Bless,

- TJ Orton