I headed to the river at 6AM with Brody and Jake this morning. By the time we wadered up and launched the drift boat it was just starting to get light.  After a morning prayer, we jumped in the clacka and  headed down river. 

Fishing started off hot. Jake was casting behind some salmon spawning in the shallows and  3rd cast was into a steelhead.

After the first fish things really slowed down. We had a couple opportunities, but no fish to show for them, so we decided to take a break and eat breakfast. Breakfast burritos. 

As the day warmed up the bite turned on. 

I've got to give a shoutout to this dude. I barely got any shots of him for some reason today, but he improved so much from the start of the day to the end. He had a couple awesome fights at hand with steelhead today, but the steelhead one. I won't forget the ariel show the first steelhead he hooked put on for us today! 

The salmon are dying off this time of year on the Rogue River, but there are still a ton of them laying eggs, so fly off choice is a dumbell egg fly with a yarn dropper.

It was a great day to fellowship with these guys and share a full Sunday together. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful state as Oregon. I love everything about it. 

TJ Orton