I love how Instagram allows us to see different areas of the world and connect  and sometimes even meet people we've only wrote back and forth to! I met some fishy dudes on Instagram through my Hooked On Life page. After almost a year of writing back and forth we finally made a plan for me to come down and fish with them.

I took off a day early and explored around Shasta. My parents have a Lake house in Northern California, so I stayed up most of the night capturing some cool shots, then crashed at their place. The next morning I headed down to Redding, CA to meet up with these new friends. 

We camped next to the river. Enjoying some fellowship together around a fire, taking pictures and talking about all of our fishy moments in life. Hoody had to show off his huge hand tied bugs that were unreal! and so many of them!  

Few pictures above of my new PNW Landing net that I just got. They are rad. Check them out! We put it to the test this weekend. Had fun with these dudes catching some nice fat fish!  

It was an epic weekend fishing a new river with new friends. The highlight  of fish catching was definitely the last hour of the trip hooking and landing this brown trout below. I was so stoked! 

Check out our friends at Western Rise for fishing apparel, they have some awesome pants and shirts, perfect for a trip like this. I really like the Riffle Blue Button down long sleeve  and their Granite Camp pants. I am wearing both in the pictures. www.westernrise.com 

All in all it was an epic weekend meeting new friends. I can't wait to get back! 


TJ Orton