The three of us leaders Mark Peterson, Connor Kirkpatrick, and myself teamed up with Dylan Pierce and Jake Riley who are a couple teens we’ve got to know these past few months. Dylan Piece is a senior at Crater Highschool and is an avid bass fisherman and also a stellar baseball pitcher for the Crater Comets. Jake Riley is known for the big brown trout he caught up a Lemolo Lake a few years back, where he now guides fly fishing trips from. Both these guys love to fly fish, so it was a great day to be with this bunch of cool dudes that were all focused and determined to catch the biggest and most fish today!

Dylan Pierce 

Jake Riley 

We started the day off bright and early. The morning was perfect. Overcast, warm, with signs of rain coming. The morning had a good fishy feel to it. I love mornings like this. I picture myself as a fish. I take in the morning air and suddenly feel the urge to eat. “Ah!” I tell myself. “Today is going to be a good, the fish are hungry!” Jake Riley started things off  with the first steelhead on. It made one huge leap landing on an overhanging bush, causing the hook to bust loose.  Sad moment, but exciting at the same time because we had only been fishing for 5 minutes.

As the day continued on. We hooked a lot of fish. I forget the exact number, but here are a few more pictures from the day.

It was an awesome day to spend time with these guys and goof off and enjoy a special place here in our backyard that God created for us to enjoy. 

There is something about water, fish, and fishing that never gets old. The fish are always different sizes, colors, and types. New wild life is always spotted and every time I am out here a new memory is made. I look back over the years of fishing and I can remember a bunch of my most memorable times on the river and today was definitely one of them. Part of why we have this blog is so we can go back and remember the memories we encountered with these kids and also for them to come and see the pictures and blog about about them as well. 

Thanks for reading!

TJ Orton