As I stood in my drift boat, casting big articulated streamers to big brown trout at East Lake, I was reminded of Gods spirit as the feeling of a gentle breeze swept across my face; making the water below my feet ripple. It’s interesting; How something so settle, can bring such comfort.

From a fish’s point of view, the ripples on the water gives them cover. They feel safety knowing the hunters above can’t see them when there is chop on the water. Anytime i’m on the lake and the wind picks up, I have confidence the fish are going to be on the bite because they feel safe and come alive and feed. 

As for me, the wind refreshes. The feeling and sound as it makes its way across my face has a way of clearing my mind from the days stress’s. The spirit of God is the same way. It enters us and brings instant refreshment. Feelings of Joy, confidence, energy and vision, just to name a few. I find the more time I spend praying and seeking God, the more I feel his presence. Like an active fish when the wind picks up, is a lot like me when I am filled with the spirit.  I tend to worry less and love more. Being rooted serving God brings growth to a person. I’m an example of this.

I’ve learned consistency is key, just like in any relationship. Daily time spent with the Lord is so important. If your relationship with God is like riding a spiritual roller coaster or riding the fence, then it’s going to be really hard to grow and fulfill the purposes God has planned for your life. I’ve had to learn this over and over. But after many times of failing it finally just clicked. Finally going to my knees and letting go and letting God was the start to this new relationship I now have. God wants us either to be Hot or Cold. Lukewarm and He says he spits us out of his mouth.

I want to encourage you today to have a consistent relationship with our creator. It's worth every minute of our busy lives to remember who he is and spend time seeking Him. 

With Love,

TJ Orton