I had a great opportunity come to play this week. Cascade Christian High School has a flyfishing class and every year they do a camping/fishing trip at the end of the school year. The teacher gets a bunch of guides and students together and they travel to a few high country lakes for the weekend to put the students schooling to work.

I was asked to help! Without a doubt I was in. This year we headed to Pronghorn Lake. If you haven’t heard of it, you should definitely check it out. It was my first time and I will definitely be going back again soon. The lake is a pay to fish fishery. The owner Mike stocks the lake with 10+ pound triploid rainbow trout. Because this was my first time, I didn’t know what to expect. So I planned accordingly to what I knew about fishing lakes for trout.

Over the past couple years, i’ve been reading Denny Richards stillwater flyfishing books and really began to love flyfishing for trout in lakes. Pronghorn Lake has now taken my love for stillwater to the next level. Closest resemblance I could think of after fishing here was I felt like I was fishing in heaven. It spoiled us. As you can see from the pictures! Caught over 70 trout on the trip! It was a great time with some great kids.

Paster Jeff Hensley with Heritage Christian fellowship showed up to fish as well and gave a great message over dinner, which was great. What a great school Cascade Christian is! It has really grown and it’s sweet they have a fly fishing class. I can’t think of another high school that offers a fly fishing class as a school credit. Thanks to Mr. Miller for making this happen. He was one of my favorite teachers back when I went to this school back in 2005. My Senior year was actually the first year they had the class and partly why I have such a love for the sport and why this website was created. Isn’t it great to see the spiderweb effect on our societ, when God is in it.