I’ve grown up and lived in Southern Oregon my whole life. I’ve been involved with YoungLife (Youth Ministry) the past 3 years. I had some rough years back when I was in high school, so I have a heart for teens I know are going through the same struggles. This is what sparked my first thought to start Hooked On Life. After many ups and downs in my life, I’ve concluded: without Jesus I am lost. There is no meaning to life apart from Him. I always need more and more of everything, I am never satisfied.  Jesus says drink of me and thirst no more. I need Jesus, we all do! He saves lives and gives a reason to press on day after day. This same thinking is the goal I hope kids learn as we build a relationship together. 

I am a Fly fishing guide here in Oregon. I live and breathe fly fishing, mix it with some good fellowship on the river and Hooked On Life is made. Blessing for taking the time to look at this ministry. I hope it sparks a spot in your soul to want to make a difference in others lives as well. We all have something we are good at, use it for God’s glory and He will bless you more than you can imagine!

Sean Randles 



2 Corinthians 5:17
If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. 

8 years ago I began to walk with Jesus and became a new person after many years struggling as a young teen and into my early 20's with the party life.

As i began to grow in the Lord, I realized I had a heart for teens that struggle with the same stuff and became a mentor for Youth For Christ.

As I started fly fishing and became more in love with it, I hooked up with TJ and learned how much fun I could have not only fishing, but sharing about Gods love for us, how much He wants a relationship with us, and that we need to surround ourselves with other believers in Christ to help us grow. 

I know I need other believers in Christ to help me stay strong, that is why I love Hooked On Life's theme. 

Fishing for men while fishing for fun! 

I love being around others and enjoy spending time helping people know that we all have life struggles and that with a support group around you, you can get through anything.

Proverbs 27:17
Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.




I grew up in White Plains NY, far from the place you would think an avid fisherman would come from. But after you get to know me you will find that i cant be defined by any social or geographic stereotyping.

My heart is wild, and desires to bear up arms in the battle of adventure, to hold the touch and strike a path for the fatherless, for the unprivileged, for the ones who find them selves wanting and empty drained by mundane motions of what life has become for so many of us. Fishing is my battleground, its where I choose to wage this war with my brothers in Christ. Fishing its self is not the cure, its simply the vessel, the place that me and the youth and the leaders of Hooked on Life can meet.

A common ground that we can share in a moment of time, that generations before us and that will come to pass have had to share. This is why I have to come to help with Hooked on Life, so I can mentor, and encourage growth in the broken youth of our day. We want to simply offer our time, and resources to getting young men and women outside, to encourage growth and maturity in Christ through our fishing ministry.




I love to fly fish. In fact, I just love being outdoors. Finding and exploring new, out of the way places helps satisfy my own desire for adventure. Hooked on Life gives me the opportunity to impart my passion for life and the outdoors in an exciting way that others can benefit from. I find joy in sharing these experiences with others and teaching them the skills I have learned along the way. Being out on the river, you can’t help but notice all the wondrous creation around you, and how it all points to a creator. It is in these moments we can learn more about ourselves and the God who created us. To me, hooked on life is about making moments like this possible for kids who may not have had the chance to experience them.

“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not fish they are really after.” -Thoreau

Jake Riley 


After going through the Hooked On Life program last year, I made friendships with all the guys and decided I wanted to join the team and help them mentor teens as well. I grew up here in Southern Oregon. Enjoying Gods creations on the river, I am an enthusiast for the outdoors and after spending time with TJ and the crew I found that I really have a passion for helping teens see the beauty outside and how to enjoy the good outdoors. I love teaching someone how to catch a fish on the fly rod and love watching their face light up with joy because it was either their first fish  ever or first on a fly rod. I had my ups and downs through high school, so just talking to the teens and letting them know I went through the same things, I can relate and help them push past their struggles. Getting them outdoors gets their mind off of everything and I know God will do the rest.